Thursday, April 28, 2011

Structural Detailing

Hamilton by Design - Structural Detailing

Offer a service of producing fully detailed fabrication shop drawings in many cases these fabrication drawings take the shape of detailed assemblies.  Each drawing offers enough information to enable a fabricator to produce along with check details of a fabrication prior to erection of an engineers / architects vision. The process at Hamilton by Design Structural Detailing is one of open communication by molding an intellectual vision or dream into a shop drawing format which is easily cross check able references. These references or data points drive a three dimensional solid model complete with interference detection in turn produce fabrication cutting lists in conjunction with bills of materials are produced prior to detailing of fabrications and or individual components if required.

Hamilton by Design Structural Detailing have experience including yet not limited to producing fully detailed drawings such as, Factory layouts, Structural layouts, Cutting schedules, Cutting profiles, Keyed plate structures many of these have produced projects like, Portal Frames, Mezzanine Floors, Multi storey Frames, Large Span Truss Frames, Erection Supports, Steel frames, Machine Structures, Lifting Frames, Lifting Crabs, Lifting Rails, Raw materials milling machines, Raw materials grinding machines, Raw material cyclones, Steel making Vessel, Blast Furnace structures, Coal washery infrastructure, Materials conveying and transfer systems,  Mining Infrastructure, Piping layouts, Industrial Stairs, Ladders, Canopies, Artistic Architectural Steelwork, Large Automatic Gates.

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