Sunday, April 29, 2012

Intelligent Design on Solidworks

Hamilton By Design offers engineering excellence combined with a wide range of drafting services for our clients.

Hamilton By Design has extensive expertise in providing assembly, casting, machining, and sheet metal drawings to AS1100 standards. The depth of experience in conjunction with knowledge in specifying fits with limits thus ensuring the foundry, manufacture, machining and assembly processes drives or defines the drawings that are produced to industry standards and appropriate formats and layouts.

The latest tools that SolidWorks offers is the basis of our internal CAD Software, and is utilised for the design, engineering and drafting. SolidWorks also enables importing of over 15 types of file formats from other CAD softwares.

A drafting team, which works in close contact with our engineers, ensures our clients receive professional drawings, inclusive of all necessary information required for complete and correct manufacture of the intended design.

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