Sunday, October 21, 2012

Experience the Difference of Quality Drafting

At Hamilton BY Design, we take your ideas, concepts, and rough sketches, and convert them into three dimensional virtual CAD files. Our first class drafting services will ensure that your company will complete projects in a timely manner and enable your team to concentrate on more important tasks. We have a history of excellence and our team understand that the quality of their work reflects on both themselves and your company.

We can take your written document or image and convert it to an electronic image format. We scan full-size drawings up to 36” in width into electronic raster images

Conversion Paper to 3D
Conversion is the process of changing raster files (generated electronically or through scanning) into a vector format, which enables your files to go from rough pixels to precisely defined vectors. We can automatically or manually convert your drawings into dimensionally accurate electronic CAD files. By converting to a vector format you will be able to interactively access this file to facilitate modifications, assign attributes, and create numerous identical hard copies for submittals. These final drawings are both dimensionally accurate and to scale.

Our company offers full service plotting capabilities, ranging from monochrome to color, up to 36” in width by any length, and an assortment of media; bond, vellum, Mylar and photo.

As-Built Services
Using a laser-measuring device, we will visit your job site, home or facility, take accurate measurements, and create dimensionally accurate drawing files and hardcopies that can then be used as a basis for future design work.

Experience the difference of Quality drafting at Hamilton by Design