Friday, May 9, 2014

Mechanical Design and Drafting

Mechanical Design and Drafting

Mechanical Design and Drafting is the key to producing a successful project, without a refined plan for manufacture the project remain unrefined or has the potential to be second rate.

At Hamilton By Design refining a plan of manufacture can include yet is not limited to:

  • Creating Virtual 3D Parametric models
  • Analysis of Strength, Fatigue or Virtual testing
  • Materials Selection, is the material appropriate for this application
  • Assembly analysis can the project be assembled is there a tolerance build up
  • Development of  manufacturing drawings and final component drawings
Years ago Mechanical Design and Drafting took place on a drafting board with hand calculations, slide rules, pencils and ink. Yet today the Mechanical Design and Drafting process at Hamilton By Design takes place in a 3D Virtual space where sharp operators manipulate parametric models to produce automated detail drawings along with the options of 3D Photo-realistic renderings.   

Generally speaking Hamilton By Design clients seeking Mechanical Design and Drafting services are Australian based companies operating in either the Mining or Manufacturing industries.

For more information on Mining or Manufacturing industries